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Logo from title page to one of Adam Weishaupt’s books.


If you would like to continue studying the Illuminati and Adam Weishaupt, I recommend the following books and websites for your interest, in addition to any books or websites already mentioned. I have to say that I prefer websites and authors not obviously biased against the Illuminati and that don’t have some kind of overwhelming religious or conspiracist agenda. There are literally hundreds of books and websites dealing with the Illuminati.


  • Bavarian Illuminati – Home of the original Writings of the Illuminati – an excellent collection of articles and original documents.
  • Illuminati of Bavaria – This blog is updated frequently and includes many interesting pieces of historical research.


  • Illuminati Manifesto of World Revolution (1792), Nicolas de Bonneville, prepared by Marco de Luchetti – this book has a tremendous amount of contemporary information, in particular about the intellectual scene in Paris in the immediate pre-revolutionary period. I don’t agree with the sensationalist tone of the title, but the book includes discussions of many interesting Illuminati-related topics.
  • Perfectibilists, by Terry Melanson (2009) – a good review of the emergence of the Illuminati
  • Fire in the Minds of Men, by James H Billington (1999) – presents an interesting analysis of the French Revolution, among other historical events, focusing on the ideas that dominated that time.
  • Philo’s Reply, by Baron Adolph von Knigge (1788) and Jeva Singh-Anand (2012 translation) – a book written by a senior Illuminatus, translated into English and made available for a modern audience.


Vanilo Quinzet holds a Master of Arts degree and lives in Australia. He is a keen student of the Bavarian Illuminati and their philosophy.


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