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1 Introduction


PIcture: Portrait of Adam Weishaupt

Portrait of Professor Adam Weishaupt, founder of the Bavarian Illuminati.



The title of this ebook, The Illuminati Mystique, points to the continuing fascination and attraction that the Illuminati continue to have in our era.

There are few groups of people in human history that have attracted the same level of interest and suspicion as the Illuminati. The purpose of this ebook is to share with readers the information that I have gathered during my research into the Illuminati phenomenon. It is not offered as a comprehensive study of the Illuminati. That would require many years of careful research and would fill volumes. It is offered, rather, as a thoughtful introduction to the Illuminati, presenting the curious reader with avenues for further study.

The Illuminati properly so called was a group of men that formed in Bavaria, Germany, in the late 1700s. If you have conducted any study into the Illuminati, by browsing the web or visiting your local library, you may recognise some of the material presented in this ebook, such as the name and life history of Adam Weishaupt, the university professor who founded the group. I hope, however, that this ebook will present you with new pieces of information, links to new avenues of research, or perhaps stimulate new ways of thinking about that information.

The word “illuminati” is a plural noun, in Latin, meaning “enlightened ones.” A member of the group, i.e. one person, is an “illuminatus.”

I should also say that this ebook is not deliberately written from either a pro-Illuminati or anti-Illuminati position, but my conclusion is that there were many positive things in the Illuminati philosophy. Most of the literature on the Illuminati is written from an anti-Illuminati perspective, and you may have such a perspective yourself. That is your business. My view is that if you approach a subject but are already loaded with prejudices and your own agenda, then you are wasting your time. You will only confirm your prejudices, see only what you want to see, and go away armed with yet more data to prove your point. But if you look at the Illuminati with fresh eyes, you may be surprised. Nothing is entirely black and white.

I hope you find the material interesting. Most of the text in this book is new. Some of it has appeared previously in some form in blog articles but has not previously been assembled in one place. I would be happy to receive any constructive comments or queries from readers.


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